Poltergeist Snapchat Story

Potergeist Snapchat Story

The first ever long form narrative to promote a major motion picture on Snapchat.

We created a live, 5 minute, interactive Poltergeist Snapchat Story consisting of 30 separate snaps to promote the remake of the original 80's classic. Fans who tuned in to the 3 hour event were given the opportunity to help safely lead an unsuspecting teenage house sitter through a poltergeist infested house. Let's just say that it didn't end well for her.


Art Director: Reha Baydar
Copywriter: Miguel Caballero
ECD: Glenn Sanders
Agency: Trailer park

Creating Awareness

We began by running promos and teasers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat two weeks before the event to build up our Snapchat audience.

Building the Audience

To help drive additional followers to our Snapchat handle, @poltergeistfilm, we enlisted the help of an influencer with a sizable Snapchat following and incorporated her into the story.

Snap Your Own Adventure

We played into Snapchat's native features to give fans a chance to guide the story. As our heroine went through the haunted house throughout the 3 hour event, we had 8 places where we prompted fans to snap back and tell Ashley what her next action should be, giving the story a Choose Your Own Adventure element that fans loved participating in.

The fans mainly told Ashley to do some 'smart only in a horror movie' type stuff. For example, directing her to look into the attic revealed she wasn't alone in the house.

We incorporated the fan snaps into the story itself to help spur engagement. The number of snaps we received per question increased significantly as fans saw we were using Snapchat to its true interactive potential.

All 30+ Snaps Together

Cue it up at about 4:00 for the horror-heavy stuff.

The entire Poltergeist event was shot for around $500, including fog machine, worms and Italian catering (see 4:08 or so.)